What is sl track massage chair?


If you are interested in purchasing a massage chair to get relaxation at home, you definitely would search for information about massage chair features, or compare different massage chairs. When you go through some websites, you might see the word - SL track, which you are not familiar with. Today, we would like to help you to learn what the SL track massage chair is.


SL track massage chair is the massage chair featuring SL track system. To clarify what SL track massage chair is, you should learn what the SL track is.


What is the track?

The track is the inside system of a massage chair that makes the massage rollers work. The track goes from head to low back to provide different types of massage for your body. Nowadays, the track massage system in massage chairs has three different types: S track, L track, and SL track.


What is S track?

S track is named after the sinusoidal shape of the human’s spine, as this roller track could do the deep massage from the neck to the lower back by following the natural spine curvature shape. Because this track could massage your body without missing, it has become a very popular track massage system in today’s massage chair.


What is L track?

L track massage roller system, which is more like an evolution version of S track, works the similar way as S track. The S track, as we mentioned above, would massage your body from neck to lower back. The L track can not only take the straight track from the head to the lower back, but also massage your glutes, piriformis, and hamstrings. However, it is without curvature on the track. This feature is very popular with those who are looking for massage chairs for more massage areas.


What is SL track?

The final one, also the most advanced one, is the SL track. You can simply guess from the name. The SL track is the combination of the S track and L track, which means the SL track could massage your body not only following the natural spine curves shape but also straight down from head to the buttock.


SL Track Massage Chairs From rilassa

Buying a massage chair for home use or office is an important decision for customers. We have designed our SL track massage chairs with this most advanced technology.


Below we would list 3 SL track massage chairs from rilassa to help you enjoy massage without feeling anything has been missed. Or if you would like to find more massage chairs or any additional questions, please contact us at any time to our customers’ support: support@rilassahome.com.


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