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What Makes a Massage Chair “3D”?

The 2D massage technique uses rollers that move up and down, from the neck to the trunk to the lower back. This technology is good for physical and mental health, but 3D technology takes it one step further. The rollers of the 3D massage chair can go up, down, left and right, in and out, and can be pressed into the back, just like a massager would. Since the rollers are able to push in and out, the intensity of the massage can be adjusted. This makes the 3D massage chair ideal for families with multiple users with varying intensity preferences.

  • Premium Massage Roller:

    The 3D rollers mimic the hands of a masseuse for a more personalized massage experience.

  • Gentle to Deep Massage Intensity Levels:

    Easily control the intensity of each massage.

  • More precise coverage:

    Many 3D massage chairs use body scanning technology to provide a more accurate massage.

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ugears top ranked zero gravity 3d full body massage chair

3D massage chairs are known for their deep massage capabilities, and the technology itself has many benefits.

· Lower Back Pain

· Muscle Pain

· Stiffness

· Pain from sports injuries

· High blood pressure

Shop the Latest & Greatest 3D Massage Chairs

Check out our picks for the best 3D massage chairs below. Most makes and models also include cutting-edge features like zero gravity, heat therapy, and Bluetooth® connectivity!

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