Guide To 3D And 4D Massage Chairs

The massage chair options might be bewildering if you're shopping for one. Is it better to create a two-dimensional, three-dimensional, or four-dimensional model? What do these abbreviations stand for?

You've probably heard of the "D's" if you're looking to buy a massage chair and have done any research or already have a massage chair and want to upgrade. This page defines the terminologies used by manufacturers for 2D, 3D, and 4D massage chairs.

The massage rollers on the back of the chair rotated up and down and left and right, creating rolling and kneading massage actions. Although the rollers' width and speed may be varied in certain massage chairs (left/right, wide/narrow, fast/slow), 2D massage chairs can only massage one flat region in two dimensions.

Types of Massage Chairs

So there are two types of massage chairs, according to the recent technology. A 3D massage chair and a 4D massage chair. But what difference does it make? Don't worry, and we're here to solve your query.

3D Massage Chairs

3D massage chairs may also move in and out, which is the third plane of motion, and move up and down and left and right. This allows you to adjust the strength of your massage and gives it a more human feel. In 3D massage chairs, the depth to which the rollers may stretch into your back allows you to fine-tune the massage from light to deep tissue. 

Some variants have a 2.2-inch depth, while others have a 4.7-inch depth. Body scanning in 3D massage chairs is also far more precise and accurate than 2D massage chairs (the ability to detect your form, size, and height).

A 3D massager's rollers may protrude to deliver a more intense massage. If you're in pain or tense, that extra level of intensity can be just what you need.


Heated Massage Chair Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Recliner SL Track 3D Shiatsu Massage Chair With Anion



Despite the budget limitations, one of the best 3D massage chairs is Fukila Heated Massage Chair Shiatsu Massage Chair With Anion. This massage chair helps you relax and stimulates your muscles, allowing them to be soothed and healed after a hefty workout or day. 

This 3D massage chair can automatically adjust the treatment locations and range based on your body type. The massage airbags encompass the shoulder, arms, hips, calves, and feet. By boosting circulation, lymphatic drainage, and pain alleviation, massage with air compression amplifies the benefits of a massage.

The Anion function in this massage chair is worth mentioning. To some people, this may be a new concept. The massage chair's built-in negative ion function releases a high concentration of negative ions, allowing you to massage while breathing fresh air. 

4D Massage Chairs

4D massagers are among the most advanced on the market, and they do an excellent job of replicating the hands of a massage therapist. The strokes speed up and slow down like a real-life masseuse would during a massage.

This may have been advertised on several massage chair websites, and it sounds great. They say that the chair has 3D motion and that you can regulate the speed, which is the fourth "D," however, this is not accurate because all massage chairs can change the pace. "Time," according to Einstein, is the fourth dimension. 

Consequently, these "4D" chairs will move up and down, left and right, in and out, as well as forward and backward in time. All massage chairs (and everything else in the universe) advance in time unless you're in a science fiction film or near a black hole. As a result, you may argue that a "4D" massage chair does not exist or that all 3D massage chairs are 4D.

True 4D is a three-dimensional massage chair that can also be used as an L-Track or a back and bottom massager. For the fourth "D," push up on your glutes and hamstrings. These chairs are hard to come by because the technology is new, and some don't do it very well, but the Brio by Positive Posture is the best. Technically, these should be called "3D L-Track," but 4D sounds more enticing.


Zero Gravity Massage Chair Full Body Shiatsu 4D Massage Chair With Anion, Thai Stretch & APP Control


The best option for you among 4D massage chairs is Rilassa Shiatsu 4D Massage Chair With Anion, Thai Stretch & APP Control. There are several benefits of owning a 4D massage chair compared to a 3D massage chair. 

The anion function in a 4D massage chair is similar to the one in 3D, but the main difference is the full-body massage that it gives you. It tends to relax all the muscles in all directions (4 dimensions) that helps relax the entire body, rather than one muscle. 

Another benefit of using this massage chair is an app allowing you to maintain and control the intensity of the stimulation it gives to your muscles. It focuses on each strength, which can vary with the power of the massage chair. 

Furthermore, it is a zero gravity massage chair, which helps reduce heart load and ease up on your entire body. The zero-gravity feature plays a pivotal role in determining the complete relaxation of your body. 


4D massage chairs offer all of the advantages of 3D massage chairs. By speeding up and slowing down, massagers mimic the motion of a massage therapist's hands. In tight, stiff regions, you might come to a halt and concentrate on these places.

Of course, your budget will play a part. 2D massage chairs are the cheapest in general. However, it's important to keep in mind that happiness and health are intangible. 3D and 4D massage chairs are worth the price if they provide the relief you need. The rise in living standards has been phenomenal.


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