What is a Shiatsu massage chair?


Imagine coming home from a hard, stressful day to a warm, relaxing massage that melts away your tension, leaving you feeling refreshed and at ease. Unless you live with a massage therapist, this is probably just a dream. However, wouldn't it be great to have a massage when necessary?

With a massage chair, you can. Massage chairs provide various massage techniques in a convenient and affordable package, depending on the sort of treatment you would want. Shiatsu massage chairs are a wonderful option for a full-body massage since they provide a range of motions for the best massage experience.

Shiatsu massage chairs can help you relax after a stressful long day. But what exactly is a Shiatsu massage or a shiatsu massage chair? Let's dig!

What Exactly is Shiatsu?

The phrase shiatsu, which means "finger pressure," refers to a Japanese massage method. The method, akin to a Western massage, uses contact, tapping, rolling, kneading, stretching, mobilizing, and acupressure to stimulate healing and relaxation.

Shiatsu is a sort of energy work that the Japanese employ to clear energy (or Qi) blockages and regulate energy flow throughout the body, despite being frequently mistaken for massage. They hold that Qi energy obstructions cause pain and that removing them enables the body to recover. It can aid in alleviating muscle tension, lowering stress levels, and fostering relaxation as a sort of massage.

Shiatsu, however, treats the full body. Thus it can also assist with menstruation problems, depression, mental problems, painful symptoms of long-term illnesses like arthritis, improved circulation, digestive and skin disorders, and headaches. Do not be misled by the translation—it involves more than merely exerting finger pressure!

What is a Shiatsu Massage Chair?

Most massage chairs have a Shiatsu mode, which uses deep pressure throughout the body.

Have you ever felt relieved when someone walks on your back? A safer variation of this method is Shiatsu massage chairs. The rollers on a shiatsu massage chair are intended to resemble a masseuse's hands, fingers, and fists by continuously exerting deep pressure. A chiropractic decompression stretch may be similar to how this feels.

Shiatsu can also reduce stress, heal stimulation, and enhance energy. You may enjoy many advantages while relaxing in your house with your shiatsu massage chair!

Benefits of Using Shiatsu Massage Chair?

What exactly does a Shiatsu Massage chair do, and how does it help your body? They are as follows:

Improving Circulation

According to research, shiatsu massages are the best way to improve circulation throughout the body, including the digestive system. The most popular method for treating constipation is often laxatives.

However, they can have negative side effects, such as increased constipation and fecal impaction, simply a massive lump of feces that becomes impenetrably trapped in your colon or rectum and cannot be removed.

Reduce Stress

Shiatsu might be a wonderful present for someone anxious and overwhelmed if you give them a massage. Scientific research has shown that the practice helps calm the body and mind and ease anxiety.

Anxiety is a common side effect of extended stress, which is why they go hand in hand. Shiatsu may also be of assistance. Shiatsu and acupressure both reduce anxiety, according to a thorough examination of the subject's effects.

Shiatsu may raise serotonin levels, according to second small research involving 60 burn victims treated at a hospital in Iran (a hormone that helps you to feel calmer and more focused). Not only that, but it also raises dopamine levels, which lower anxiety by making you feel more driven, successful, and productive.

Helping Insomnia

According to a ton of studies, Shiatsu massage can enhance your sleep quality. One research investigated the effects of hand self-shiatsu (HSS) on persons with chronic pain that interferes with their sleep ability. 

Amazingly, getting this kind of massage will shorten the time it takes to fall asleep and lengthen your sleep. Young adult athletes recovering from concussions can sleep better with HSS, according to another study from the University of Alberta.

Decrease Depression

You may not know how much a massage may help with emotional equilibrium.

Massage has emerged as an alternative therapy option as the mental health crisis spreads because it lowers levels of cortisol, the main stress hormone, and adrenaline while raising serotonin and dopamine levels.

Shiatsu massage may contribute to the promotion of psychological wellness, according to research from a pilot trial evaluating depression treatments for Alzheimer'sAlzheimer's disease patients.

Best Shiatsu Massage Chair?



Are you interested in living a true Shiatsu massage experience? Then the best option for you is the Ugears Shiatsu Massage Chairs. A safer variation of this method is Shiatsu massage chairs. The rollers on a shiatsu massage chair are intended to resemble a masseuse's hands, fingers, and fists by continuously exerting deep pressure.

 A chiropractic decompression stretch may be similar to how this feels. The integrated linkage suspension massage chair from Ugears places the center of gravity on the glutes, relieving strain on the spine and joints and promoting total body relaxation. In this condition, massage is quite useful. The deep V-wrapped shape provides a massage that will assist lower stress levels and degrees of physical and mental weariness.

Thanks to the chair's capacity to adjust to every body size and its use of pinching methods, you could receive a Tui Na (Chinese style) massage. From head to toe, your complete body might be massaged using a variety of combinations. Two heating elements positioned near the waist may also reduce lumbar strain. 

The foot massager utilizes rolling and kneading actions on your soles to relax your feet after spending several hours standing or walking. The calves portion of the massage may be adjusted to match persons of different heights and sizes to broaden its scope and depth. The soothing seat vibration soothes the surface tissues, improving hip blood flow.

Ugears Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair



Another one of the iconic Shiatsu massage chair is the UGEARS Full Body Massage Chair. The SL-Tracking system function of the chair allows it to do the precise knocking, kneading, tapping, clapping, rolling, shiatsu, and other massage techniques to calm your entire body, in addition to having a larger massage surface than most other comparable items. 

Several techniques, including Thai massage, may be used on this chair to give you a soothing massage. The two heating elements at the massage chair waist may warm and safeguard your health by raising it to a maximum of 45°C.

The massage chair will automatically determine your height, shoulder breadth, and weight once turned on. Then, match the appropriate massage point to you. Thai lacing, a kind of Thai massage, has an extensive lacing range. 15 minutes of massage will help you completely relax. 

Regarding design, this chair can be adjusted with only around 5 cm left between the massage chair and the wall in a Ugears model. Once you select the zero space setting, it gives you plenty of room. The head component of the massage chair has to surround sound technology that is simple to link via Bluetooth on a mobile device to create a more relaxing massage experience. 

In a Ugears model, there can be no more than 5 centimeters between the massage chair and the wall. After one-click, there is no space left, leaving you lots of room. To provide a more soothing massage, the massage chair's head component incorporates surround sound technology that is easy to connect through Bluetooth on a mobile device. 

The integrated linkage suspension massage chair by Ugears places the center of gravity on the buttocks, eases the strain on the spine and joints, lowers the heart to the level of the legs, and gives you the impression that you're losing weight physically. The Deep V-wrapped Design effectively distributes pressure and lessens physical and mental stress. So say bye-bye to fatigue!

To Sum it Up

Shiatsu is an effective massage technique that helps you relieve stress immediately and has other additional benefits. The idea of the shiatsu massage chair is to hit the same points on your body so you can relax and get the same out of the chair as you would from the massage. 

There are several massage chairs out there. However, it's recommended that you should opt for a chair that has been viewed and used by the customers. This would help you determine which chairs are offering a true Shiatsu experience.


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