Inversion vs. Zero Gravity Massage Chair


Inversion therapy and zero gravity, two widely desired qualities in massage chairs to date, are sometimes mistaken for one another, although, in reality, they are significantly distinct. 

The zero-gravity function is reportedly present in every massage chair and has gained much popularity. However, the inversion feature is very new to the market, and most people believe it to be identical to zero-gravity. It's completely different. 

While inversion involves lowering the massage chair back to below horizontal, which causes the body to become partially inverted, zero gravity is nothing more than a 30-degree tilt of the massage chair seat.

What's the difference between these two chairs? Let's find out!

Inversion Massage Chairs

Recliner angles for inversion massage chairs are typically 180 degrees below horizontal. With your head down and heels up, you are upside down when using this method.

Some persons with back discomfort may find relief through inversion treatment, which is thought to decompress the spine and reverse the effects of gravity on the body.

Inversion treatment involves hanging upside down to extend the spine and ease back pain. It is intended to relieve back discomfort while simultaneously providing traction by changing the body's center of gravity.

People with: may benefit from inversion treatment.

  • chronic lower back discomfort
  • decreased blood flow
  • sciatica \sscoliosis

Additionally, it's thought that inversion treatment will expand the space and reduce pressure between your spinal discs. Your discs can become compressed whether you are sitting, jogging, or bending, which increases your chance of developing back pain, collapsed vertebrae, and other problems. Expanding that area can alleviate pain, and other therapies can be more successful.

According to a 2014 research, the zero-gravity experience of inversion helps lessen spinal compression. The scientists also claimed that it could delay the need for spinal surgery by preventing impairment brought on by back issues. After undergoing inversion treatment for six weeks, those with lumbar illness had a decreased need for surgery, according to a 2012 Trusted Source from Disability and Rehabilitation report.

What is Zero Gravity Massage Chair

According to NASA, the optimal body posture for astronauts to sit in during launches is the zero-gravity position. To distribute weight uniformly throughout the body, the knees in the zero-gravity posture are positioned at the same level as the heart. 

The spine can relax and decompress since the body is equally supported, giving essential nutrients a chance to enter the typically packed spinal cord and heal injured tissues. The PHP-2022 is the only chair that delivers the Zero-Gravity feature created by NASA while offering a high-quality massage.

Your zero gravity massage chair lessens pressure throughout your spine, lower back, and pelvic area. This lowers the pressure on the sciatic nerve and enables spinal decompression. Lower back pain relief is one of the most common reasons people purchase massage chairs. Therefore the zero gravity recliner comes out on top in our comparison.

Other health advantages of zero gravity massage chairs over typical massage chairs include bettering blood circulation, lowering heart pressure, and promoting better sleep.

Zero Gravity vs. Inversion

Zero-gravity is a feature offered by more and more massage chairs, and it is gradually winning over users. The inversion feature, which is very new and intended to provide more of the advantages mentioned above than zero gravity, is in contrast.

The seat of the majority of the first zero gravity massage chairs was 30 degrees back. The goal of inversion is to invert the user as much as possible when seated by reclining the chair back to a position below horizontal.

Inversion was recently brought to massage chairs to imitate the original inversion devices. The greatest massage chairs that do this may recline back to infinity.

The inversion effect begins to take effect once you've reclined over 180 degrees and might even make you feel as though you might want to get out of the chair again. Don't worry; you won't. Similar to when utilizing a typical inversion machine, this inverted effect aids in spinal decompression.

Best Inversion Massage Chair?



If you're looking for an inversion massage chair, check out the Ugears Shiatsu Massage Chair. Most massage chairs have a Shiatsu mode, which uses deep pressure throughout the entire body.

Have you ever felt relieved when someone walks on your back? A safer variation of this method is Shiatsu massage chairs. The rollers on a shiatsu massage chair are intended to resemble a masseuse's hands, fingers, and fists by continuously exerting deep pressure. 

A chiropractic decompression stretch may be similar to how this feels. The integrated linkage suspension massage chair from Ugears places the center of gravity on the glutes, relieving strain on the spine and joints and promoting total body relaxation. In this condition, massage is quite useful. An effective massage is provided by the deep V-wrapped shape, which will aid with physical and mental exhaustion levels.

One exciting feature about this massage chair is that the 8 fixed massage locations in the backrest are regulated by the seesaw design and may change automatically to meet various body types. Multiple combination massage techniques include forward and reverse kneading. 

The results are similar to those of professional massages. Your neck will receive a professional massage (Pushing and Kneading) from the massage chair's 2 specific massage spots. The remote control with a screen is very simple to operate. You may adjust the pace and style of the massage as well as the duration.

Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair



If inversion is not your cup of tea, you can opt for Rilassa Zero Gravity Massage Chair. This massage chair accompanies the zero gravity design that helps your body relax. Your body will be entirely relaxed, and massage is quite effective in this position. Stress levels and physical and emotional weariness can decrease with zero gravity massage.

New APP technology was implemented on a massage chair for the first time. By downloading an app, turning on Bluetooth and WiFi, connecting your phone, and letting you select any massage model you like, we can provide you with the greatest user experience, highest-quality user interface, and most beautiful interaction. Suitable with the iPhone 12. 

Listening to music is the easiest way to unwind and clear your thoughts. Your body will also sleep better after a massage. You can listen to your mobile music whenever you want if you turn on Bluetooth and connect it. Add USB so that the phone may be charged.

This massage chair adjusts to your body type, height and weight and gives you complete control over your massage session. The chair adjusts your body for an astronautical experience and helps your muscles and body relax. 

You may get a massage from your neck to your legs with the massage chair's 135 cm-long SL track. 

In addition to offering a larger massage surface, our chair's SL Track length enables accurate rolling, shiatsu, tapping, knocking, and other massage methods to relax your entire body. Different techniques for healing, muscular stretching, collateral activation, attractive buttock shape, and spinal massage protection may have varying degrees of success. 

The results are on par with those of professional massages.

To Sum it Up

The two differently designed massage chairs have the same purpose; to help you relax! Therefore, you can do that with two different techniques: inversion or zero gravity. The main difference lies in the angle at which the chair is targeting your body. 

Both massage chairs have their benefits and features. However, it's recommended that you opt for something others have had an amazing experience with within the market. You can find different reviews and opinions regarding the massage chairs on their website.


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