Massage Chair vs. Massage Therapist: Which can be Better?

The benefits associated with massage remedies are well-known, for both our physical and mental health. Nonetheless is there much difference between the massage you can come from a massage therapist and a session in a massage chair? Many robotic rub chair owners still enjoy regular consultations with a rub therapist, as each has its unique benefits. Nonetheless, today’s leading rub chair brands are designed to deliver taking place that’s as near the real thing as possible — and a robotic massage chair comes with some hard-to-beat perks.

Initially and foremost, a massage chair is convenient. “As people are more health aware and prefer to take their health into their own hands and fingers, massage chairs will become an increasingly and more popular choice for home health care, ” anticipates Dr. Alan Weidner in the development of his book The greatest Rub Chair Buyer’s Tutorial. Well versed in the various benefits associated with rub therapy, Doctor Weidner is a staunch believer that the convenience of a robotic massage chair far outweighs a person's alternative.

Here, we break down the dissimilarities between rub therapists and rub chairs (besides the obvious), and compel you to consider which solution is best for you in the quick and long word.

Pros and Drawbacks of Massage Experienced therapist


  • Personalized service: A masseuse can tailor its strategy to suit your unique needs or target hard-to-reach areas.
  • Positive relationship: Like a client, you can accumulate a relationship with a massage therapist after a while. Sometimes, a positive client-therapist relationship is as much about their rapport as it is about the massage therapist’s skill.
  • Expertise: Some sort of massage therapist’s practice is based on their intensive professional trained in massage strategy and human physiology.
  • Human touch: Real touch provides multiple many benefits, including the release of hormones, reduction of the stress hormone cortisol, and the ambiance boost that comes with social relationships.
  • Proven mental and physical benefits: Nearly all studies on the effects of rub are performed on traditional massage remedies, compared to massage ergonomic chairs. It’s widely accepted that traditional rub aids in peace, pain management, physical rehabilitation, sleep development, and even food digestion.


  • Cost: “It doesn’t take a math genius to notice that, over time, the price tag on regular rub can be quite prohibitive, ” claims Doctor Weidner. Think of this example: On a rate of $60 per basic, one-hour massage consultation (no add-ons like hot stones or facials), one rub a week would add up to $3, 120 per calendar year at a minimum.
  • Take a trip: Visiting a masseuse requires the time and ability to travel — until you’re fortunate to have a rub therapist visit your home.
  • Time: Browsing a masseuse requires you to schedule a block of your time, during which you can’t complete any other responsibilities. There’s also often a cancellation cost so that you can change your appointment at the last minute.
  • Mismatched compatibility: If you don’t click with your masseuse, or you’re simply not comfortable in their health care, it could spoil what would usually be an enjoyable or restorative experience.
  • Life changes: At any time, your selected massage therapist could move or go out of business, due to financial factors, retirement, or other changes in their own lives.
  • Likelihood of pain: Clients of rub therapists are not professionals, and therefore don’t always own the knowledge or language to effectively express their pain levels or physical needs. If a massage therapist does not ask the right questions up the front, they can be ending up triggering the client's pain owing to an excessive level, using an incompatible technique, or being directed at the wrong area.
  • Human error: Rub therapists are people too — which means they can get tired, have a bad ambiance, or experience pain or discomfort in their body shapes as they work with clients. All of these factors can affect the quality of a rub.
  • Inconsistency: You could experience different numbers of quality each time you check out a massage psychologist, especially when there are multiple practitioners available to work on clients. Even the same masseuse can deliver inconsistent results from time to time due to any number of factors, including tiredness or distraction.

Positives and Cons of Massage Chairs


  • No travel required: Should you have a rub chair at home, it may take no more than taking a few steps to reach your “appointment. ” “When you think of having to get clothed, leave the comfort of your home, package with traffic… a massage chair right near to you looks pretty appealing, ” claims Dr. Weidner.
  • Affordable: Owning a massage chair can be more least expensive than regular rub appointments in the long term. In the event used once a day per calendar year, a mid-range automatic massage chair being around $4, 1000 would produce rub for about $11 each. Over several years, that’s about $2 per rub — what a steal! Financing is available too for most massage ergonomic chairs on the market.
  • Full-body rub: During your stay on the island are certainly talented massage experienced therapists out there, a therapist cannot rub your entire body at once. Some sort of robotic massage chair targets the back, arms, and feet simultaneously if desired.
  • Ease of use: Massage ergonomic chairs are made with the user’s experience in mind. Typically the goal is leisure and relief, not stress and annoyance, so most automatic massage chair control panels were created to be as easy and intuitive as they can be.
  • Opportunity to multitask: When a low-intensity rub is desired, you can complete other tasks during your massage chair procedure such as reading, making grocery directories, or talking to contacting companies.
  • Furniture: When not utilized, most rub chairs are comfortable and attractive enough to double as armchairs.
  • Flexible reserving: Whether you can only squeeze in a 15-minute procedure or you need to cut a session short all of a sudden, there is no likelihood of unavailability or cancellation fees from your rub chair.
  • No misunderstanding: With pre-installed rub programs and body scanning technology, a massage chair will target the right pressure points on your system and answer the best way you primary it to.
  • Reliability: Irrespective of the sort of day you’re having, your robotic massage chair will deliver the same quality performance every session.
  • Particular features: A rub chair may offer special features a rub therapist can’t without prior request (or additional cost). The spot includes heat remedy, zero gravity operation, sound therapy, light remedy, and precise foot and shaft massages.
  • Privacy: Will need to you be not comfortable with the concept of a stranger supplying you with a one-on-one massage, rub chairs offer the ultimate private procedure naturally.


  • Attainable breakdowns or does not work properly: Since a rub chair is a machine, you can find the risk that it will wear out and about or face strength errors. Luckily, most mechanical problems can be easily repaired.
  • Sale price: The tag price of all luxury massage ergonomic chairs can seem to be beyond reach by some people, which may prevent them from purchasing. Even so, financing is obtainable from most manufacturers and retailers.
  • Over-targeting: Devoid of knowledge of rub technique or physiology, massage chair users risk over-targeting certain parts of the body, which can cause injury or pain without professional intervention.
  • Lack of medical knowledge: While many massage guides are designed by making use of expert consultation, a robotic massage chair can't know if certain techniques are inappropriate for your body’s needs.
  • Courses can be constrained: If a rub chair only offers several computerized programs, or if the user isn’t competent to adapt intensity to their liking, the available techniques can become tiresome or unsafe to the person.
  • Constrained coverage: As a result of the dynamics of its development, a massage chair might not exactly be able to reach all the areas of our bodies that a massage therapist can. These could add to the face, front of the thighs, or hands and forearms (unless features such as are purposely part of the chair’s capabilities).

Massage Chair vs. Massage Therapist: Key Differences

In addition to the clear big difference between a rub therapist and a massage chair, there are a few key factors to consider when analyzing your options.

  • Rates: Weighed against regular goes to a rub therapist, the “cost per massage” in a robotic rub chair is much lower. Plus, a loan is available to mitigate the straight-up cost of a robotic massage chair— an option not typically available for one-time services rendered, such as a real time massage.
  • Travel time: A visit to a massage psychologist requires travel time and ability (either your time or theirs, if they come to you). Your energy that’s required to visit your massage chair could be as little as a walk into the next room.
  • Relationship: Test as you may, you probably would not manage to forge a strong personal marriage with your rub chair. At the very least, a massage chair would not manage to respond when you tell it with regards to your day. Quite a few long-term clients of massage practitioners stay due to the bond they develop with the doctor, which can also add to the physical benefits they already feel.
  • Potential to multitask: An individual can’t multitask at a massage consultation, especially while you happen to be lying face-down over a massage table. And engage in another task like a phone call would be distracting and disrespectful to the massage therapist. Even so, when enjoying a robotic massage chair at home, read, work, talk contacting companies, watch TV, hear to an audiobook or perform crossword puzzles.
  • Reliability: Massage therapists have got lives of their particular own: They could move away, move out of enterprise, become injured or simply just have bad times like the relaxed of us. These types of factors make a new difference in the performance or your current enjoyment of a new massage, not in order to mention your capability to get one from all. However, a new massage chair is obviously on call — even if it requires minor repairs, competent technicians could possibly get your current massage chair support and running inside in virtually no time.
  • Warranty: As opposed to a massage therapist’s services, the obtain of a massage therapy chair comes together with a make positive you’ll get your current money-back if you are not satisfied. Many massage chair guarantees provide support or even auto parts for multiple years, when necessary, at zero expense to a person.

The Massage Chair Store Difference


Many massage seat owners choose not necessarily to decide to involve the product and the particular person and retain their regular massage therapy appointments and their specific benefits. Though we might be partial from Massage Chair Retail store, we specialize inside top-of-the-line products that will deliver comprehensive massage therapy relief to compete with (or even surpass) the real factor. Our massage chair range from typical and no-frills in order to luxurious and filled with bells in addition to whistles, like no gravity and palm massage capabilities. No matter what your massage requires, you can fill in a consultation contact form a free of charge conversation together with certainly one of our qualified Robotic massage seat Specialists. We’ll end up being able to aid you find the particular robotic massage seat of your ambitions.


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